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Our Mission

The trademark of TLAP Sports Academy will be its education dynamic curriculum, an abundance of learning experiences that require collaborative problem solving, and subject-specific assignments in which learners critically and creatively examine the world around them.

TLAP Sports Academy faculty will form the core of a much greater academic support team that includes parents, administrators, coaches, house parents and campus life staff members, all of whom work tirelessly to positively impact academic, athletic and character growth.

The focus of TLAP Sports Academy curriculum is to develop critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance and communication skills through the study of traditional subject areas. The academy's curriculum is designed to prepare student-athletes for the rigidities of college life. TLAP Sports Academy, athletes will get a chance to live their dreams and conquer their fears in a truly global environment that encourages leadership, fortitude, and dedication.

We rejoice our athletes’ athletic development but find greater pride in knowing that TLAP Sports Academy athletes are growing as young men and women experiencing cultural diversity and developing into responsible great adults — all of which will help prepare them for their next step in life. TLAP Sports Academy is a Christ-centered preparatory academic academy for Middle School, High School, Prep and Post Graduate students. Who desire to become better equipped physically, mentally and academically for college. We will prepare our students to be competitive on the court and inspire them to reach their full potential academically.

But now the hard work begins. Our athletes will sweat. They will love. They will learn. They will become better and stronger than ever before. With some commitment and determination, they will lay the foundation for future success.


TLAP Sports Academy objective is to provide pro level training's, conditioning, personal development, national basketball recruitment exposure and top-level academics. Which in return will attract the best talent in the country & abroad combined with the proper nutrition. Quickly improving and increasing opportunities for our athletes to play at the collegiate level and abroad.

Starting in 2019 TLAP Sports Academy will feature a multi-phased teaching method that focuses on position-specific instruction, player evaluations and a rigorous competition schedule along with all of the correct tools to find the ideal college placement. 

By working through the pre-season, in-season, and post-season with familiar staff and around a relaxed yet challenging environment, student-athletes grow accustomed to the style of play and level of awareness like that of a high-level collegiate basketball program. 

With college placement and recruitment training readily available from both the academic and athletic side, basketball academy student-athletes create a vision of their next steps with our expert staff. Viable resources like team-specific coaches and trainers yields a camaraderie unlike any other college-preparatory institution in the world.

Basketball Program Structure

Starting in 2019 TLAP Sports Academy teams at the post-graduate, varsity, junior varsity and middle school levels – and a unique developmental approach to each – the TLAP Sports Academy basketball program will provide the nation’s most contemporary training environment. Upperclassmen and post-graduates will experience concentrated, position-specific instruction that replicates how collegiate basketball programs operate. 

Underclassmen and middle school student-athletes will experience a training organization focused more on development and foundation-setting for nonstop growth. With as much attention to academics as the efforts on the court, student-athletes will follow individual growth plans geared directly towards their personal goals and development. 

With the capability to place our student-athletes in front of as many college coaches as possible, the TLAP Sports Academy will continually builds upon annual recruitment classes and signees. Internal competition gears individuals up for external games, as players continue to grow within their teams and evolve as they progress. 

Basketball academy student-athletes see local, regional and national competition as their training is supplemented with both the developmental side and training components leading up to basketball season. Even during the summer months, student-athletes have an opportunity to grow as they take advantage of summer school, team training options, and innovative on-court programming.