Manatee Freeman Sports Training & Education Learning Complex

Donors are eligible to purchase multiple naming opportunities. To be eligible for naming, pledge must be paid IN FULL within five
years of initial pledge date.



Location: Tallahassee, Florida

County: Leon 

Total Donation Needed: $3,840,000

The Manatee Freeman Sports Training & Education Learning Complex is the future of TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory, and we need your help. Don’t pass up this unique opportunity to be an integral part of TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory tradition of excellence. Leave your lasting legacy on TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory by funding one of the following opportunities in your name or that of someone special with a gift payable over five years. 

  1. Basketball Gymnasium 3 Courts: $1,500,000

  2. Land Purchase: $400,000

  3. Center Lobby: $75,000

  4. Weight Room: $120,000

  5. Training Room: $60,000

  6. Film Room: $120,000 

  7. Coaches Conference Room: $50,000

  8. Strength & Conditioning Office: $60,000

  9. Stairwell: $75,000

  10. Football & Soccer Field: $120,000  

  11. Nutrition Bar: 50,000

  12. Staff Locker Room: $75,000

  13. Team Film Room Individual Seats: $85,000

  14. Players’ Locker Room Individual Lockers: $100,000

  15. 20 Classrooms: $200,000

  16. Cafe: $250,000 

  17. 80 Student Dorm Rooms: $500,000


The Manatee Freeman Sports Training & Education Learning Complex will be one of the premier venues in the entire country, it will be a shared-use facility. Athletic teams, community campus, campus recreation as well as private and public events all vie for access. A dedicated basketball Training & Education Learning Complex facility gives more flexibility to everyone utilizing local facilities, ultimately allowing our student-athletes and the surrounding community to enjoy more consistent schedule both academically, athletically and community wide. 

With Tallahassee Florida being 1 of the best sports towns in the country, this will allow our student-athletes significantly more time to dedicate towards athletic improvement, it is important to have space available to them. TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory student-athletes will have exclusive access to state-of-the-art, basketball specific equipment and training. They will be able to practice, train and get treatment all in one location dedicated specifically to men's and women's sports.

Such improvements will drive recruiting and retention of both student-athletes and coaches. Building on TLAP Basketball's unparalleled success in the past, the planned construction will raise the caliber of the basketball program's operational structure to match that of the student-athletes and individuals who support, train and lead them.

TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory is a nationally ranked training and educational institution. Established in 2013, TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory has gross over 60 million dollars in college scholarships in the last 9 years as a training and educational institution. Our history of success remains unmatched and TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory continues to develop elite athletes who achieve success at the collegiate levels. Being able to keep these former student-athletes connected with their academy and offering a state-of-the-art facility for them to train alongside current blackhawks in the offseason is another way to continue and further grow the legacy of basketball greatness at Train Like A Pro Sports Academy Preparatory.
This project ultimately benefits TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory and the surrounding community to enjoy. With the support of TLAP Basketball Alumni, Fans and Friends alike, the future of TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory will be as prominent as its past. To help make this economically feasible for aspiring student athletes, we are asking that you consider supporting this great cause.  Any fiscal contribution that you are able to make will go 100% towards the Manatee Freeman Sports Training & Education Learning Complex and would be greatly appreciated. All donations made to TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. 


Naming opportunities shown are based on availability and are subject to change. All naming is subject to the final approval of the TLAP Sports Academy Preparatory and such approval is conditioned upon the complete fulfillment of the stated pledge. Naming opportunities will exist only for the duration of the useful life of the Manatee Freeman Sports Training & Education Learning Complex.

For Questions, please contact the TLAP Athletics Development office
P: (772) 242-0650 E: