In addition, as teachers guide students through coursework, they will communicate with parents to provide academic updates on progress, pace and behavior. 1-4 certified teachers who will directly oversee and monitor students progress, answer questions, and serve as a contact between the (P&T), student, and parents. 

The 12 Teaching Protocols
Every day in our classrooms, our teachers use a system of proven best teaching practices to help students reach their fullest potential. These techniques include:

Differentiated Instruction.


  1. Essential Questions

  2. Vocabulary

  3. High Order Assessment

  4. Writing Mastery

  5. Standards Based Learning

  6. Curriculum Mapping

  7. Global Awareness Touchpoints

  8. Individual Growth Assessment

  9. Student Portfolios and Personal Learning Plans

  10. Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences

  11.  Student First Teaching 


TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy do more than educate. They lead, inspire, and excite students to reach their full potential. Through superior instruction, they awaken a “can-do” attitude and a love of learning among students. TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy recruits world-class educators who exceed stringent standards to join our team. Together, they cultivate best practice teaching
methodologies to encourage continuous growth in our students.



TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy has synthesis learning with proactive academic (CGC), allowing independence of customized educational learning. All students must maintain a (B) grade average to remain active on the gaming platform and playing fields. If a student drops below a (B) average, he will be placed on academic probation and required to attend mandatory study hall until grade has increased to a (B) grade average. 

TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy delivers a rigorous curriculum with emphasis on the 21st century skills of critical thinking, complex problem solving and high-order reasoning, each of which is a foundational element of the Academic Plan.
There is a clear link between these skills and eventual success in college and in the workplace. Critical thinking – the acquired skill of gathering, organizing, testing and using information – is the key to understanding and navigating today’s global community.
The high-performance classrooms at TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy exemplify an environment in which all students are challenged and supported to demonstrate high levels of learning. 


At TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy, your child will be challenged at the appropriate level(s), motivated to expand his/her capabilities, and inspired to assume responsibility for his/her own learning. Each child is known individually and supported in TLAP X Esports Preparatory Academy's community with relationships and resources that foster confidence, problem solving, creativity and a love of learning.

With the guidance of our engaging, caring teachers, your child will develop a unique Personal Learning Plan (PLP), with customized goals toward academic improvement and enrichment. Our Individual Growth Assessments will also strategically optimize your child’s progress. With this collaborative, hands-on, inquiry-based learning taking place on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why our students learn at a fast pace and are recruited by some of the most prestigious universities in the world.


  1. Collaborating Toward Constant Improvement

  2. Planning for Enrichment, Growth, and Success

  3. Strength in Integration 

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